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Integration of Heat Pump Storage Systems in Manufacturing Systems via Data Farming and Monte Carlo Simulation.


Seevers, J.-P., & Schlosser, F.

Classification and clustering of the German plastic industry with a special focus on the implementation of low and high temperature waste heat

Journal of Cleaner Production

Dunkelberg, H.; Schlosser, F.; Veitengruber, F.; Meschede, H.; Heidrich, T.

On the Transferability of Smart Energy Systems on Off-Grid Islands using Cluster Analysis – A Case Study for the Philippine Archipelago

Applied Energy 251

Meschede, H.; Esparcia, E.A.; Holzapfel, P.; Bertheau, P.; Ang, R.; Ariel, B. Ocon, J.

Signal based non-intrusive load decomposition

16th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Procedia Manufacturing 33 (2019) 240–247

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Energy- and ecologically-oriented selection of plastic materials

Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Procedia Manufacturing 33 (2019) 240–247

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Automatic Time Series Segmentation as the Basis for Unsupervised, Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring of Machine Tools

Procedia CIRP 81 (2019), 695–700

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System efficient integration of standby control and heat pump storage systems in manufacturing processes

Energy 181, 395–406

Schlosser, F.; Seevers, J.-P.; Peesel, R.-H.; Walmsley, T. G.

Overview of Industrial Energy Efficiency Technologies in Germany and possible Application in the Philippines

Vortrag: AHK-Geschäftsreiseprogramm Energy Solution - Made in Germany. Manila, Philippinen. 07.05.2019

Peesel, R.-H.

Optimization of Cooling Utility System with Continuous Self-Learning Performance Models

Energies 2019, 12(10), 1926

Peesel, R.-H.; Schlosser, F.; Meschede, H.; Dunkelberg, H.; Walmsey, T.

CO2-freie Wärme als langfristige Kapitalanlage - Solare Prozesswärme als Bestandteil der industriellen Wärmewende

BWK: das Energie-Fachmagazin 71 (4): 10 – 13 · April 2019


Schlosser, F.; Trabert, U.; Pag, F.; Schmitt, B.; Fluch, J.

Energie 4.0 als Basis für energieeffiziente Betriebe

Vortrag: 10. Symposium Energieeffizienz, AHK-Geschäftsreiseprogramm Energy Solution - Made in Germany. Wien, Österreich. 26. März 2019

Meschede, H.

Design of Robust Total Site Recovery Loops via Monte Carlo Simulation

Energies 12(5):930 · März 2019

Schlosser, F.; Peesel, R.-H.; Meschede, H.; Philipp, M.; Walmsley, T.G.; Walmsley, M.R.W.; Atkins, M.J.

On the impact of probabilistic weather data on the economic design of renewable energy systems – a case study on La Gomera islands

Vortrag: 13th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2019). Düsseldorf, Germany. 13. März 2019

Meschede, H.; Hesselbach, J.; Breyer, C.; Child, M.

Increased utilisation of renewable energies through demand response in the water supply sector – A case study

Energy (175), Pages 810-817 · 2019

Meschede, H.

Assessment of Flexibilisation Potential by Changing Energy Sources Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Energies 2019, 12, 711

Dunkelberg, H.; Sondermann, M.; Meschede, H.; Hesselbach, J.

Solar Thermal in Industry Processes and Buildings in Germany“.In: Fachkonferenz „Effiziente Wärme- und Kälteerzeugung mit erneuerbaren Energien für industrielle Prozesse und Gebäude

Vortrag: AHK-Geschäftsreiseprogramm Energy Solution - Made in Germany. Guayaquil, Ecuador. 29. Januar 2019

Meschede, H.

Energy Efficient Technologies in Germany

Vortrag: AHK-Geschäftsreiseprogramm Energy Solution - Made in Germany. Ho Chi Minh Stadt, Vietnam. 15.01.2019

Peesel, R.-H.