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System Efficiency in Dairy Processing

Vortrag DLG Anuga FoodTec ∙ 22.03.2018

Philipp, M.; Schlosser, F.; Schumm, G.; Holzhammer, U.

Optimisation of Cooling Systems in the Food Processing Industry

Vortrag DLG Anuga FoodTec ∙ 22.03.2018

 Peesel, R.-H.; Schlosser, F.

Sektorkopplung Prozesswärme / Strom in der deutschen Industrie

BWK - Das Energiefachmagazin 70 Nr. 1/2, S. 57 – 60 ∙ 2018

Philipp, M.; Schlosser, F.; Peesel, R.-H.; Schumm, G.; Holzhammer, U.

Assessment of sustainable energy system configuration for a small Canary island in 2030

Energy Conversion and Managment 165 (2018), 363-372

Meschede, H.; Child, M.; Breyer,C. 

Energy Efficiency and demand side management: A case study of a holistic energy concept in polymer processing

15th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing · 2018

Khripko, D.; Dunkelberg, H.; Summerbell, D.L.; Hesselbach, J.

Increased utilization of renewable energies through demand response in the water supply sector of small islands – a case study

Presentation at 1st Latin American Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (LA sdewes), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil · 31. Jan. 2018

Meschede, H.

Strategic-Load-Growth-Potenzial zur lokalen Residuallastdeckung in Deutschland

BWK 70 Nr. 1/2, S. 49-51 · 2018

Dunkelberg, H.; Klein, S.; Weiß, T.